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Friday, July 23, 2010

Mist Ridge July 23, 2010

Mist Ridge trail

Hiking along the trail it is approx 12km long

Looking across Mist Ridge

Brad, Gayle and Phil navigating the route

Hiking along the trail

Brad & Gayle at the last view point

Phil & Marilyn with Storm Mtn in the background

View of Storm Mtn.  I cliimbed this with Phil a few years ago. 

View of the whole ridge!

Purple Onion one of the many beautiful wildflowers on this trail.  Wish I had taken more flower pictures!
Mist Ridge is located in Kananaskis Country just off of Highway 40. It was partly cloudy at the beginning of the hike but cleared out towards the afternoon. This is a  loop hike and is 23km or 14.3 miles long!  Gayle, Brad and husband Phil hiked this trail. Took us almost 8 hours to complete (including a lunch break) but worth it.  Lots of different wildflowers and had some good views of the backside of Mist Mtn and Storm Mtn.  The last few hours of the hike are long and tedious as your feet are getting sore and we did start to whine alot!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Sparrowhawk Tarns July 9, 2010

View of Spray Lakes

Gayle & Brad hiking along the top

View of Reader Tower in the background

Phil & Marilyn with the view of Spray Lakes

Brad & Gayle goofing around at the top

Having lunch

Still lots of snow for beginning of July and could not reach the tarns which all seem to be covered in snow.

Phil & Marilyn at the top.

Coming down the trail...pretty steep and our knees felt it on the way down!
Sparrowhawk tarns is located in Kananaskis Country off of Spray Lakes road.  Had awesome weather but still lots of snow lingering at the top of the tarns and didn't want to risk crossing the snow to reach the tarns.  Guess we will have to do it another time!