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Friday, October 1, 2010

Larch Valley October 1, 2010

Moraine Lake Early in the morning

View of Valley of the Ten Peaks from the road

Eiffel Peak from Larch Valley Trail

View of the Ten Peaks from the trail
Looking at Fay Glacier from the Valley

Marilyn at Sentinel Pass with the view of the Ten Peaks

Marilyn & Phil at the top of Sentinel Pass

Phil, Gayle and Brad in the Valley with the top of Mt Temple in the background
Hike Larch Valley to Senital Pass.  Trailhead is at the beginning of Moraine Lake.  Early Moraine Lake was very cool...probably around 0C.  Larch Valley had a restriction of 4 in a along for the hike included my husband Phil and my sister Gayle and her husband Brad. Started off with hat, gloves, jacket and long pants....but the sun came out by high noon which made for pleasant conditions.  Great views of Mt Temple (11,621') and The Ten Peaks. We made it up to Sentinel Pass (8,566').  Gorgeous day and was able to get some awesome shots.  Enjoy!

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  1. Who is that good lookin couple with Phil!. Did you hire professional hiking models...