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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

French and Robertson Glacier Sept 26, 2010

Great Horned Owl we rescued off of the highway

View of the trail from the top of the col

At the top of the col looking north at Commonwealth peak

Marilyn at the top with views of Mt French and Mt Robertson

Phil at the top with Mt French in the background

View of French Glacier

Another view of French Glacier

Phil coming down the trail

View of Commonwealth peak in the clouds with the larch turning colors
One single larch at the knoll just before we hiked to the top which you can barely see in the distance

Great view of the vegetation and larch with Phil in the distance

Start of French Creek at the end of the trail
Our adventure actually started on route to do a hike Sunday morning.  We were driving on west on highway 8 and I spotted an owl in distressed on the side of the highway.  Two Ravens were trying to get at this bird as it could not fly.  Phil stopped the car and we placed a towel over it and scooped it up and drove to the Wildlife Rehab centre located in the north part of the Calgary. I was able to get a picture of the Great Horned Owl just before the vet took a look at it.  Unfortunately we followed up with the owl's progress and the vet had to euthanize it due to a head injury.

Well onto the hike....this trail is not marked on a map but is accessible by using the Burstall Pass hiking trail.  Park at Burstall Pass trailhead lot elevation is 6,266' (1,910m).  Hike almost to the bike racks (approx 2.9 km).  Just before the bike racks is an off shoot of an overgrown trail on the left hand side of the main trail.  It was marked by a small orange ribbon tied onto a tree.  The trail starts uphill immediately and is marked by a few cairns along the way.  You will do a few stream crossings so wear good hiking boots with gators that are waterproof. The approx. elevation gain on this trail was close to 2000 ft or (600m).  Phil and myself didn't have the best of weather as it was overcast and rained for most of the hike up to the view point.  Magically it stopped raining just before we ascended to the view point and were able to get our cameras out and take some pictures.  From the col looking southward you get an awesome view of Mt French (3,234m) and Mt Roberston (3,194m).  You get a good view of French Glacier but can barely see the toe of Roberston Glacier. Most of the larch and trees were all changing into fall colors so the view looking down from were we climed was nice, however I'm sure in a brighter day the colors would be more vibrant. Commonwealth peak is in view looking across to the north. The hike took us 5 hours and is approx. 12 km roundtrip. Despite the crappy weather we had a good hike and would most definitely do it again.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bragg Creek September 24, 2010

Walking in Bragg Creek

Group shot of Maureen, Gayle and Ann

View of Banded Peak

Wood Fired Pizza and Wine Paring September 11, 2010

Dave Thurgar's outdoor Mugnaini oven...cost about $15,000!

Gets pretty hot in there...700 - 800F

Making the pizza...Dave lends a hand!

Getting pretty messy...but had lots of fun!

Al Drinkle on the right discussing the oven's capabilities and wines to pare with!

Pizza cooking....only takes about 3 minutes!

Finished product.

Group shot....Dave is standing with the apron on and Al is behind him.  Thanks for a great afternoon!
Had a fabulous afternoon at Dave Thurgar's house making pizzas in his outdoor Wood Fired Oven.  Al Drinkle from Metrovino provided his knowledge on wine paring. Thanks to Cookbook Company's for setting this all up! 

Wildlife Photos

Red Tailed Squirrel (back yard vistor and we have named him Chip)

Coyote that was visiting our backyard one afternoon

Tent Ridge September 4, 2010

Tent Ridge from the Highway

Spray Lakes Reservoir

Mt. Birdwood, The Fist and Mt Smuts in the right hand corner

The Fist and Mt Smuts

Phil & Marilyn on the top of the first summit

View of the second summit with the remaing ridge walk to the right of photo

View of the last part of the ridge walk..the weather is starting to get nasty!
Hiking Tent Ridge located in Kananaskis Country.  Start of trailhead is off of the Smith-Dorrien /Spray Lake Trails just past Mt. Engadine Lodge. Weather was partly cloudy and a storm  brewing in the afternoon.  We got hit with some rain/hail on the last portion of the ridge walk.  We even heard some humming/buzzing which indicated electricity in the air. That was scary and we were running off that ridge! Made it down safely. Despite the weather the views were awesome.  Beautiful view of Spray Lakes Reservoir, Mt. Smuts, Mt Birdwood and thew fist. I would definitely recommend this hike.

Bird Photos

Swainson Hawk with lunch

Yellow Rumped Warbler

Male Red Napped Sapsucker

Great Horn Owl

Great Horn Owl

Female Rufous Hummingbird

Male Evening Grosbeak

Male Calliope Hummingbird