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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Tent Ridge September 4, 2010

Tent Ridge from the Highway

Spray Lakes Reservoir

Mt. Birdwood, The Fist and Mt Smuts in the right hand corner

The Fist and Mt Smuts

Phil & Marilyn on the top of the first summit

View of the second summit with the remaing ridge walk to the right of photo

View of the last part of the ridge walk..the weather is starting to get nasty!
Hiking Tent Ridge located in Kananaskis Country.  Start of trailhead is off of the Smith-Dorrien /Spray Lake Trails just past Mt. Engadine Lodge. Weather was partly cloudy and a storm  brewing in the afternoon.  We got hit with some rain/hail on the last portion of the ridge walk.  We even heard some humming/buzzing which indicated electricity in the air. That was scary and we were running off that ridge! Made it down safely. Despite the weather the views were awesome.  Beautiful view of Spray Lakes Reservoir, Mt. Smuts, Mt Birdwood and thew fist. I would definitely recommend this hike.

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