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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Wood Fired Pizza and Wine Paring September 11, 2010

Dave Thurgar's outdoor Mugnaini oven...cost about $15,000!

Gets pretty hot in there...700 - 800F

Making the pizza...Dave lends a hand!

Getting pretty messy...but had lots of fun!

Al Drinkle on the right discussing the oven's capabilities and wines to pare with!

Pizza cooking....only takes about 3 minutes!

Finished product.

Group shot....Dave is standing with the apron on and Al is behind him.  Thanks for a great afternoon!
Had a fabulous afternoon at Dave Thurgar's house making pizzas in his outdoor Wood Fired Oven.  Al Drinkle from Metrovino provided his knowledge on wine paring. Thanks to Cookbook Company's for setting this all up! 

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